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What Makes A Successful Marketing Project?

What Is Marketing?

More and more I see people and companies who portray themselves as providing “marketing” services. Often their offerings are graphic design or video production or social media or building websites, etc. And yes, these tools can be used to market a company. But if the person driving that project does not have an understanding of how that effort will drive sales for the company, they are not truly marketing.

Website Designer In Santa Rosa

Marketing is when a graphic design project is guided by strategy, not just aesthetics.

Purpose Driven Design

I had this “a hah” moment in the first months of starting Abra Marketing. In the beginning I wanted to be a graphic design shop. But having working in marketing for over 7 years (I started in marketing for 5 years, started over to become a graphic designer, then returned to marketing before starting the agency), I would be working on projects and realizing the headline was wrong, the copy was wrong, or the entire strategy was wrong. Hell, doing this print ad was wrong – this money would be better spent on direct mail (or another medium).

From the beginning, I understood that our projects MUST work. They must have a purpose to drive dollars and they must be guided by a solid strategy.

I have always loved great design, great creative and will always strive for that, but the greatness of a creative campaign must be how well it moves us in the direction of growing the client’s business.

Website Designer In Santa Rosa

Marketing is a web design project guided by strategy and supported by a long-term marketing program.

At Abra Marketing, everything we do – whether it’s branding, a graphic design project, web design, etc. – begins with an assessment and understanding of how that project will help ultimately drive sales for the client.

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