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Healthcare Marketing Examples

The true portfolio of Abra’s work is the many people who have received care because they connected with a practice through better online marketing.

It’s the data that shows movement in search engines, increased visits to a website and new patients coming in.

Part of how we get there is creating beautiful websites and other marketing tools to support building a brand.

Below are some healthcare marketing examples from the projects Abra has completed to illustrate our creative capabilities to serve your practice.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Abra healthcare marketing examples, a phone showing a sample of a digital marketing for orthopedics campaign for Shasta Orthopaedics.

Orthopedic Digital Marketing Program

Abra has worked with orthopedic practice Shasta Orthopaedics since 2001. We have completed hundreds of projects to support the practice’s growth. At the heart of these efforts is our digital marketing program that drives patients through web development, SEO, social media and online advertising.


Abra healthcare marketing examples, a screenshot of the HomePsych.com website that is part of our digital healthcare marketing program for this therapy practice.

HomePsych Website & Digital Marketing

Building beautiful websites that also capture a brand’s message beautifully is something we are very proud of. Websites like this one Abra built for HomePsych are driven by starting with a clear documentation of priority search terms and an infrastructure and content that supports search results.


Abra healthcare marketing examples, screenshot of the website for ParadiseMedicalGroup.com which an example of our work as a digital healthcare marketing agency providing web development, social media marketing, SEO and online ads for healthcare practices.

Paradise Medical Group Digital Marketing

Abra has supported Paradise Medical Group for many years, keeping their medical practice website current and promoting them through social media, online advertising, and an SEO program. When they had to relocate due to the Camp Fire, Abra supported connecting with their patients through emergency online communications.


Healthcare Branding

Abra healthcare marketing examples showing logo for Z MD Sleep Center.

ZMD Brand Development

Abra has extensive brand development experience to support our digital healthcare marketing clients. For Z MD Sleep Center we developed both the name and logo.

Abra healthcare marketing examples showing logo for Sonoma West Medical Center.

Sonoma West Logo

For Sonoma West Medical Center we developed this vibrant logo to reflect the diverse community their Sonoma County service area.

Orthopaedic practice marketing example showing logo for the Shasta Ortho Spine Institute by orthopedic marketing agency Abra Marketing.

Spine Institute Logo

Abra developed the Spine Institute logo for orthopedic client Shasta Orthopaedics.  The focus on spine care was elegantly captured in the simple curved graphic.


Healthcare Marketing

One of Abra's healthcare marketing examples, Sonoma West Medical Center ER Billboards designs, showing two versions of the billboard that reads "If it's an emergency, don't wait."

Sonoma West Medical Center ER Billboards

Abra has created many marketing campaigns over the years, working in every medium from billboards (such as these) to tv, radio and print advertising. Our broad experience helps us view and implement our digital healthcare marketing programs from an informed perspective.

Another one of Abra's healthcare marketing examples, Shasta Regional Medical Center breast cancer awareness print ad showing pink tinted photo of a woman lying down and the headline "Prevention, treatment and support for cancer patients and their families."

Shasta Regional Medical Center

This print ad was part of an extensive marketing campaign. Using the silhouette of the medical center gave the campaign a unique visual identity that connected the public to the highly recognizable facility.

Abra healthcare marketing examples banners of Paradise Medical Group/Blue Shield collaboration promoting PMG Connect telemedicine.

Paradise Medical Group/Blue Shield

These banners were part of an extensive marketing campaign that educated patients on the availability of telemedicine at Paradise Medical Group. This was prior to Covid when this avenue of care was less common and recognized, but supported the patients of PMG after they had to relocate due to the Camp Fire of 2018.


Healthcare Videos
Long Valley Health Center

Healthcare Recruiting Video/Physician Recruitment Video


Shasta Orthopaedics

New Orthopaedic Marketing TV Commercial


Shasta Orthopaedics

Changing What’s Possible” – “Richard” TV Spot


Non-Healthcare Marketing Examples: Videos
Sonoma County BEST

The first of a series of videos Abra Marketing developed to promote Sonoma County BEST. Each video showcased the many reasons why Sonoma County is a great place to have a business, each from the perspective of the owner or leader of a Sonoma County business.


Traditional Medicinals

Traditional Medicinals Co-founder Drake Sadler talks about using the exciting opportunity of using business for social change in this video series produced by Abra Marketing.


Phas3 Muay Thai

We love supporting our community and were honored to support this great local  Muay Thai school in presenting the world-class program that is producing many champion fighters as well as teaching a lot of regular people the great sport of Muay Thai.


Other Industry Websites

Kristeen Young

Kristeen Young

Abra’s work with a range of clients has helped keep our creative approaches fresh for our core healthcare clients. We have a great time working with a handful of great music artists such as Kristeen Young.


Infinite Harvest

Infinite Harvest

Infinite Harvest, which produces microgreens in vertical indoor farms, could be the future of indoor farming and we had a great time helping them tell their story through a beautiful website and digital marketing program.


Carbonneau Williams

Carbonneau Williams

Abra’s artistic approach helped provide Carbonneau Williams that stood out in the Accounting field by being both beautiful while presenting the professionalism of their work in the wine industry.