HIPAA Compliant Marketing Agency

Abra is a HIPAA compliant healthcare marketing agency certified by Compliancy Group. Image of Compliancy Group's official seal of HIPAA compliance.

Abra is a HIPAA compliant healthcare marketing agency certified by Compliancy Group.

Abra is a HIPAA Compliant Marketing Agency

Abra Marketing is proud to be a HIPAA compliant marketing agency, certified by Compliancy Group. Since our founding in 1999, Abra Marketing has had a focus on healthcare marketing. Abra has provided marketing for many healthcare practices, hospitals and medical centers, and other healthcare companies. Abra has worked with some of the largest healthcare companies in the world, such as Medtronic and Smith+Nephew, but our favorite work is with healthcare practices. We love connecting people who need help for a health problem with specialists who can take care of them.

As a healthcare marketing agency working on our clients’ websites and digital marketing campaigns, our team is often exposed to protected health information (PHI). Abra has always had policies to properly manage and protect private health information. Among other procedures, we use HIPAA-compliant forms for websites, ensure proper website security systems are are in place, and have our team trained in the proper handling of PHI.

Certified HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliant marketing agency Abra Marketing serves healthcare clients across the US. Photo of laptop computer with security graphics.

Abra Marketing has an ongoing commitment to protecting the privacy of our healthcare clients.

While we have always established and followed rules of HIPAA-compliant best practices, in November 2021 we invested in a program to become officially HIPAA compliant certified through Compliancy Group, the leader in HIPAA compliance certification. As part of this process the Abra Marketing team completed extensive training and many procedural tasks to meet Compliancy Group’s rigorous standards.

After 3 months of effort, we completed the initial program to received our official certification on March 7, 2022.

An Ongoing Commitment to Privacy

Achieving official HIPAA compliance was a proud moment for our agency. However, we recognize that this is an ongoing process. Part of our compliance program is having ongoing reviews and processes in place to constantly insure the Abra Team is working to protect private health information. Sensitivity to HIPAA compliance is one of the many ways we support our healthcare clients in caring for their patients and communities.


About Abra

Abra Marketing is a Bay Area California healthcare marketing agency serving clients across the US with digital marketing programs. Abra has particular expertise and specialized programs for orthopedic practice marketing, medspa marketing, and general medical practice marketing. Abra was founded in 1999 by Kurt Hoffmann who has worked in healthcare marketing since 1989.