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MedSpa Marketing: Building Trust Through Digital Marketing Brings in Patients

Need to bring new patients into your MedSpa? While MedSpas can benefit from marketing strategies used by other healthcare providers, aesthetics is a unique industry. MedSpas can be lucrative businesses, and they help people achieve their goals— but prospective patients cast a critical eye on how MedSpa practices are represented. People judge. Their faces and bodies are on the line and who they entrust themselves to is more important than in any other industry. They want good results, but to get started, they need a trust factor.

MedSpa Marketing

Reviews impact whether new patients will trust your expertise.

Reviews Matter

When considering a service, reviews (testimonials) from friends/family—and even random comments from strangers online—have an impact on whether new patients will trust their faces and bodies to your expertise. Being able to read and see happy outcomes weighs heavily on the judgments of prospective patients who can envision desirable outcomes for themselves.

What do your Facebook reviews or Google My Business ratings look like? When happy clients post their photos and commentary, where do you repost those?

At Abra Marketing we know how important solid reviews are. We have a system to solicit reviews from patients. Already got a system in place? We’ll work with it and add our magic to the mix. 

MedSpa Marketing

People won’t know how good you are if you don’t effectively tell your story.

Quality Matters, and so Does the Story that you Tell about It

Humans are visual creatures—and in aesthetics, that’s more important than in any other industry. Are you showing before and after photos? Are your doctor and practitioners’ qualifications and expertise broadcasted for everyone to easily see?

At Abra Marketing, we are masters at telling your story on your website and social media.

We also support your on-the-ground team to create the photo/video content people want to see. And where appropriate we’ll repost that content across your other channels using the secret sauce that we do to enhance visibility.

MedSpa Marketing

Your Google ranking impacts people’s perceptions of your business.

SEO and Blah, Blah, Blah — actually it’s really important stuff!

We all know that when people want to find something, they “google” it. When people are looking for a specific service (like Botox) and they are searching for it online, will they be able to find your business? Where are you ranking on the list amongst all of the other providers in your area that provide a similar service?

All of the things that your digital marketing team does on your webpage and social media contribute to that Google ranking. And that’s important because where you rank on Google is one factor people use to judge how good your services are.

Ok. We’re totally going to brag here because we’re really, really good at SEO. Google is a diva and we know all of the things that make her tick. Our copywriters, SEO Specialists, and Social Media teams are experts at what they do and work in tandem to get content ranking at its highest potential. 

Abra Marketing is a healthcare marketing agency. We specialize in making beautiful websites with compelling copy that best represents your practice. We have a complete team of web designers, SEO specialists, social media specialists, copywriters, and graphic designers to tell your brand’s story so your message reaches—and wins the trust of—your potential patients.

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