What Makes Great Orthopedic Practice Marketing

Orthopedic practice marketing. Stylized image of a woman's profile in a gradient of purple hues with the text Orthopedic Practice Marketing. Abra has provided marketing for orthopedic practices since 2001.

What Makes Great Orthopedic Practice Marketing

As the founder of Abra Marketing, I’m extremely proud of our great orthopedic practice marketing program. We started working with our first orthopedic practice in 2001, so we’ve spent more than two decades perfecting how to connect great orthopedic providers with the patients they can help.

In this article, I’ll provide an overview of the components the Abra team uses to help practices grow.

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Abra has been a leader in orthopedic practice marketing since 2001.

The Bigger Picture of Orthopedic Practice Marketing

Before getting into the details of the Abra program, I want to point out a big advantage we have over other digital marketing agencies. Abra was founded as a full-service marketing agency. Abra’s experience in healthcare marketing goes far beyond digital marketing. We have have completed many branding, graphic design, tv/film and other marketing projects in addition to the online marketing that has also been part of our services since our founding in 1999.

This allows us to see the bigger picture of orthopedic marketing. So while our focus is in digital healthcare marketing, we can see if poor branding is holding the practice back, or if a graphic design or video project can help take the marketing to another level.

The Best of Digital Healthcare Marketing

As we have worked with healthcare practices – and specifically orthopedic practices – over the past 2 decades, we have honed our digital marketing service offerings and protocols to the key activities that support driving patients. In addition, we have learned best practices to make all of our services complement each other.

Online Advertising to Build Awareness and Drive Patient

Online advertising is the most effective way to connect your practice to new patients and drive new services for existing patients. Advertising gets your practice in front of people. It educates them on how you can help them, what problems you are solving and the latest techniques the help you do it better. Abra’s online advertising consistently drives new patients for orthopedic practices.

SEO for Orthopedics to Capture Hot Leads

For people searching for help, Abra is constantly improving our orthopedic practices’ presence in search engines. This includes people looking for a provider, people looking for a specific service like knee replacement, and people looking for a solution to a problem such as back pain.

Website Optimization to Support Conversion

Once we’ve gotten their attention through ads or the search engines, your website is one of the primary tools to close the deal. Abra makes sure your website positions your practice as the community leader in orthopedic care. We also make sure it is an accurate representation of all the ways you can help your patients.

Review Generation for Social Proof and Closing the Deal

Another critical component to helping prospective patients choose your practice is online reviews. Abra helps generate reviews and manage your online reputation effectively so people looking for a provider see your practice as the clear best option.

Analytics for Constant Insight & Refinement

Abra pulls of our work into easy-to-follow reports so you are in the loop on how we’re helping your practice grow.

For Leading Orthopedic Practices

Top orthopedic practices are always striving to grow. Abra Marketing is your partner in improving the number of people in your community that you can help.

Abra serves practices throughout California and across the United States from our Bay Area headquarters.
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