Organic Search Engine Optimization

A Truly Organic Approach To SEO

Organic & Integrative SEO

Abra’s Integrative Approach To SEO

There are thousands of SEO service specific companies, and they boast the premise of their success as coming from the complete focus on SEO only. While there is definitely value in strengthening your expertise in a service by focusing on it, at Abra, we believe that the most successful approach to SEO is to continuously integrate it with all of your marketing efforts. Being a full-service marketing firm, we have created the perfect environment to carry out that SEO philosophy.

More Than Meta Tags And Links

When you take on a truly organic approach like we do, search engine optimization has many levels and shades. While it is extremely important to start an SEO client out with the fundamentals such as initial on-page optimization, it’s also important to continue and expand your “SEO work”. When a client comes to Abra, we have the ability to help them grow their business in all areas starting from the ground up with naming and branding, to online presence with web development and online marketing, to offline promotional efforts such as print and media. So when we take on the task of SEO for a client, we not only continue fundamental optimization on an ongoing basis, we also work our techniques into all of their marketing.

What Do You Mean, And Does It Work?

What does all of that mean specifically?

Well, we can’t give away our actual techniques now can we 😉 ? What it does mean though, is that we don’t view SEO as a process of trickery. We’re not ever trying to generate traffic or attention to a website through anything other than taking every opportunity to integrate and optimize for the message and the content that a business has to promote.

Does that approach actually work?

Over the years, SEO has taken many different twists and turns through “what SEO is”. Alot of those twists and turns have been down unethical roads, or have been people investing time and money into “the latest SEO fad”. While some of those things have worked at times, it’s like building your presence on marketing quicksand. The results that are generated are never lasting as search engines are always adjusting to invalidate the effectiveness of “tricks”. Some of the tricks can even harm a website’s performance, especially if there are penalties involved.

So does our ethical and holistic approach work? Yes. When it comes down to it, search engines basically just want to know about your business and index your website based on things like relevance, quality, clarity, originality, and continuity. When you approach SEO from that perspective, instead of building on marketing quicksand, you create a foundation that your website can stand on and expand from for years to come.