The Pink Sundial Bridge

The Pink Sundial Bridge

The Pink Sundial Bridge

This year, Abra worked closely with members of Nor-Cal Think Pink to help get approval to light the Sundial Bridge in pink lights on Think Pink Day, October 15th, 2009 in Redding, CA.

The concept of a pink Sundial Bridge was developed by Melody Christenson of Think Pink and other members several years ago. The Pink Sundial Bridge idea had been presented to Turtle Bay but had been rejected in the past for a variety of reasons.

With the support and input from Nor-Cal Think Pink members, Kurt Hoffmann wrote letters to Turtle Bay Exploration Park and the City of Redding requesting consideration of the Pink Sundial Bridge as a way to draw attention to Think Pink’s important cause of increasing breast cancer awareness and how early detection can save lives. It was also a goal to bring positive attention to the Redding area.

The City of Redding agreed to meet with Kurt and Dr. Figueroa, one of the founders of Nor-Cal Think Pink. They agreed to support the project and it was placed before the City Council who approved it. We owe special thanks to Gerry Kersten and Bob Warren at the City of Redding who helped us get this approved while honoring their stewardship of the Sundial Bridge.

Pink Sundial Viewshare App

As part of the Pink Sundial Bridge project, Abra developed a photo/video upload module so amateur and professional photographers and videographers could share their perspective of the event (update August 2021: note this was before social media apps made it so prevalent for people to share photos).

This module is part of Abra’s Web App’s development services. One of our passions is creating online functionality that supports our clients in their businesses.

For more information on Nor-Cal Think Pink and the Pink Sundial Project

The Pink Lighting Bridge Testing

The following photos were taken by Kurt Hoffmann at the testing of the pink lighting of the Sundial Bridge on 9/30/09. Jeff Dennis and Pete Bilton of Morpheus Lights have invested an enormous amount of time into preparing the equipment and strategy to light the Sundial Bridge in pink.

On September 30th, Jeff and Pete ran a variety of tests to determine the best way to light the bridge in pink.

Keep in mind these photos show only a fraction of the lights that will be used on Think Pink Day, 10/15/09, to help draw attention to breast cancer awareness and how early detection can save lives.



“The test of the Pink Sundial Bridge went as expected. The pink lighting on the spire and glass deck of the Sundial Bridge was beautiful – and that was only a third of the lights we plan to use for the actual lighting.

Morpheus Lights has supported Nor-Cal Think Pink for the past 10 years. We understand that breast cancer affects a huge amount of people in our community and around the world so we are happy to support. It is even more exciting that we can bring our expertise to make an exciting component of this year’s Think Pink Day a reality.”

– Jeff Dennis, Morpheus Lights