Using Photos In Marketing

The Power Of The Photo – Part 1

Using Photos In Marketing

What you have to say with your marketing message is incredibly important, but the quality of your message wont matter if no one is listening. In the age of Instagram and photo blogging, great photographs have become even more of an essential part of marketing. Chances are, if there isn’t an eye-catching image, you wont be catching any eyes.

The Benefits Of Using Photos

While the main purpose of creating visual interest is obvious, there are some additional reasons to use photos in your marketing and web development:

  • Current Design Trends – Clean and streamlined layouts are very popular in current web design, and the photos you use are often a major part of what creates the entire design direction of a website.
  • Emotional Response – While your mission statement or message may be full of passion, an image helps project the emotion of your message, and grabs the emotion of those you want to reach with your message.
  • SEO Benefit – Images add more elements to your web pages that can be optimized. When you optimize the alt attribute of your image with related keywords, the image is indexed in image search results and links back to your website, and this draws relevant traffic back to your site.
  • Branding – The style and types of photos you use help create the “image” of your brand, and the vibe you want to create around your business.
  • Social Sharing – If your content has an interesting image, people are much more likely to to share or link back to your content from their social media accounts.

The Power Of The Photo – Part 2

Now that we’ve introduced you to the basic importance of using photos in your marketing, come back next week for tips on how to use photos in your marketing.