How To Use Photos In Your Marketing

The Power Of The Photo – Part 2

Using Photos In Marketing

Last week, we introduced you to the basic importance of using photos in your marketing. This week we’ll go over some of the ways at Abra Marketing that we use photos in our marketing to create interest, and have an impact.

How To Use Photos In Your Marketing

1. In Web Content – If we create a page or a blog post on a website, it will almost always have an image or multiple images representing the content. While there may be some unique layouts where images are not highlighted, and while there are pages such as site maps and privacy policies that don’t require images, for the most part, if it’s a page of interest, photos will be worked into the content.

2. Main Homepage Feature – Large photos and image sliders on the homepage are a part of many of our layouts. When visitors come to a website, we want to immediately grab their attention with a visual statement, and large photos and sliders are usually the best way to do this.

3. About Page / Team Page – At Abra, we work with quite a few physicians, medical practices, and service providers where it’s important for their potential clients to have an understanding of “who” they are. Using photos of the physicians, the team, or the business owner on pages such as the about page, team page, or bio page, is a great way to create a more personal feel in marketing campaigns or on websites, and it can help encourage potential clients to choose that physician or business.

Photos In Print Marketing

A great image on a flyer can be the difference between someone taking the flyer with them and soaking up the information, or simply throwing it in the trash.

4. Print Media – Online isn’t the only area of marketing where photos have impact. We use great images as a focal point in print media as well. A great image in a print ad is what keeps the reader from completely flipping past the page the ad is on, and a great image on a flyer can be the difference between someone taking the flyer with them and soaking up the information, or simply throwing it in the trash.

5. Gallery / Portfolio – Instead of just talking about what a client has to offer, portfolios and galleries are organized ways to show what a client has to offer. While portfolios are obviously great fits for clients who have “work examples” to show, such as photographers, architects, or engineers, galleries can also be used to create areas of interest on sites that may not otherwise have unique visual highlights. For instance, Abra recently added a braces patient gallery for a Northern California orthodontist that shows before and after photos, and other great results from his work.

6. Social Media Posts – Photos drive social media, no matter we’re promoting in a Facebook post, we find a related image to give the post some pop.

7. Photo Submissions – Not only do people love to look at your photos, but they love to share their own. Abra has found ways to use that concept to create unique ways to market clients. For instance, every year Abra holds an online photo contest for a Northern California Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.

So it’s more than just dropping in a few photos here and there, there are many ways that photos really can take your marketing to another level.