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Persistence Is A Marketing Tool

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I started Abra Marketing in November of 1999 in Santa Rosa, California. As we enter the month of our founding, I celebrate the 14 years we’ve been at this marketing thing. I also can’t help but think about the marketing basic of Persistence.

I’ve talked about the P’s of marketing, which you’ll learn in any Marketing 101 class, but to which I’ve added my own P’s over the years.

One of those added P’s is Persistence. Quite simply, there is a time factor to marketing. The longer you can keep your business out there and going, the more you will build an equity of awareness and customers. Persistence as a Marketing tool works especially well for companies that have achieved true quality in their product or service.

When you’re doing something well, the seeds of reputation get planted and in time, word-of-mouth will do its work and those seeds will flower.

One of my favorite clients now and in the history of Abra came to us last year with no direct efforts from us. We had met with them 5 or 6 years ago about a possible project but that never happened. But they had a new need for marketing support and a combination of having met with us, hearing about us over the years, and a recommendation from another current client led to them reaching out to us.

So hang in there. Keep doing great things and know that just continuing to do what you do every day is working to support your marketing efforts.