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Marketing Concepts: Blazing Mental Paths

“Never underestimate how invisible your business is.” – Kurt Hoffmann

Just speaking from personal experience, it’s amazing to me how I will drive a certain road for years before finally noticing a business I drove by every day. It can be the most random incident that finally makes me take notice, but suddenly I’m a regular customer.

What a failure of marketing that a business that 1) I fully appreciate and makes my life better and 2) is conveniently located somehow stayed off my radar for all that time. What is the cost of that to that business?

Sonoma County Marketing Agency

Santa Rosa California based Abra Marketing explores the marketing concept of blazing mental paths.

So here is the opportunity for businesses: do whatever you can to get people into your business.

Next time you’re out hiking, take a moment to ponder the path. That space was once uniform wilderness and obstacles. Someone forged a path and now, people can’t help but follow it, further establishing the flow it has created it.

There are many people who would love to be your customers but there is a haze of brush and weeds and trees in their mental way.

Get them to your business. Hold a special event, give something away for free, do something, anything, to get them into your business. Once that is done, the path has been made. You can’t just end there, but you have made a huge step forward in making it easier for them to follow that path the next time. And the next time. And in time, every time they need a product or service like yours, they won’t even think. They’ll know exactly what path to take.

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