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Leveraging Social Networks For SEO

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Cooperative Marketing

When clients come to Abra for search engine marketing services, we aim to help them achieve the best results possible by using our knowledge and experience from all of the arenas of marketing that we work with. We of course build a strong foundation in a client’s SEO program with the important basics of SEO such as on site optimization and working with content, but we also expand out, and tie in other layers of online marketing to get stronger results.

Social Networks In An SEO Program

Clients can sometimes view social networking as something that doesn’t necessarily apply to their business or industry, but really, almost every business can benefit from social networking in some manner. Whether it’s to get the straightforward connection with customers and clients, to develop branding, or to simply expand visibility, it has become a standard element of online marketing, and marketing in general. At Abra, we feel that it also has a cooperative relationship with website optimization.

Do Social Networks Directly Affect SEO?

While Google has always stated that social network signals do not directly affect SEO, it is widely believed by SEO and marketing agencies that the integration of social media into an online marketing program does have a gradual and residual effect on website performance. At Abra, we use social networks to amplify and expand distribution of your content, increase visibility of your brand, and to drive traffic back to your website. When we work these techniques in with website optimization, we see noticeable improvements that sync up with our social media work.

Using Social Networking For Your Business’s SEO

With each SEO client, we evaluate which social networks and tactics will most benefit them, and we tailor the social networking we do to their specific needs. We develop campaigns that coordinate with our optimization work, target that business’s goals, and build results through customized promotion.

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