Benefits Of WordPress

What Is The Best CMS System?

Benefits Of WordPress CMS System

CMS Systems have become a mainstay in web development within the past 5 or so years, and we get why. With the boom of social media and common blogging, the average person is becoming more "web savvy". Over the years that has influenced the desire for more and more web development clients to take some of their website maintenance into their own hands. This has made working with and understanding CMS Systems a critical part of our business.

The Benefits Of WordPress

At Abra, we often take on work and updates for already established websites, which has exposed us to a variety of different CMS Systems. Having worked with everything from the biggies like WordPress and Drupal, to quite a few different Custom CMS Systems, we constantly come back to WordPress as our go-to. After using WordPress for over 6 years, we’ve become quite familiar with the benefits and wanted to share some of them here:

1. It’s Free – The CMS System itself is free.

2. Easy To Setup – Since WordPress has become so widely used, a large number of hosting companies have automated, and often free, WordPress installations with their hosting plans.

3. SEO Friendly – The default WordPress site structure is incredibly SEO friendly, and out of all the CMS Systems we’ve worked with, WordPress offers the best optimization plugins and capability. In fact, the inability to optimize properly is a common – and frustrating – roadblock we run into with other CMS Systems. We’ve had clients bring us websites they’ve invested thousands of dollars in, yet no one visits the sites because they cannot be optimized, and therefore cannot be easily found in search engines. We’ve also monitored how fast new content gets picked up in Google on WordPress sites vs. Non-WordPress sites, and the difference is often significant.

4. Ease Of Use – Everything from the ability to style text, to the ability to upload images and documents is all possible through the editor without any coding knowledge. WordPress has also become so commonly used that the internet is filled with “how-to” information and WordPress Tutorials that can be used to learn WordPress.

Benefits Of WordPress CMS System

5. Theme Options – The popularity of WordPress has made WordPress Theme Development a flourishing industry, so there are a large variety of cutting edge themes WordPress users can choose from to get a great looking and current website. In the past few years, a good amount of responsive theme options have become available as well.

6. Editing Options – Another frustrating part of many of the CMS Systems we have worked with is the limitations they put on editing. Some systems restrict where you can edit, often leaving you frustrated with things you cannot add, remove, or customize. WordPress by default is wide open to editing and allows for great customization.

7. Functionality Options – WordPress is an “Open Source” software, which allows developers worldwide to develop additional functionality that can be added to WordPress. So with either a free plugin, or a plugin that costs a tiny fraction of the price of custom functionality, a WordPress site can be upgraded to be capable of pretty much anything you want it to do.

So if you’re considering a website with a CMS System, we highly recommend WordPress. If you are interested in having a WordPress website developed for you, contact us today.