Beerifornia! Celebrating Northern California Breweries

Beer. Northern California. Yep.

Here’s to the great breweries of Northern California! We are proud of our Northern California heritage and amidst the noise of the overly applauded Super Bowl commercials, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the many great individuals and companies who are leading the Great Revolution of Beer!

At Abra, we have been fortunate to work with some of these fine breweries and we are lucky to live in a place where all the many outstanding beers we drink come from breweries between 5 minutes and 4 hours away.

North Bay Brewery Tours and Brewery Map

North Bay Brewery Tours offer tours of North Bay breweries and also are creating a comprehensive map.

Here are just some of our favorites:

(to be added to this list just contact us)

San Francisco
21st Amendment Brewery
Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

Sonoma County
Bear Republic Brewing Company
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Moonlight Brewing
Russian River Brewing Company
Third Street Aleworks

Sacramento Area
Bike Dog Brewing Company
Jack Russell Brewery
Knee Deep Brewing
Ruhstaller Beer
Track 7 Brewing Company

North Coast
Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Eel River Brewing Company
Mad River Brewing Company

Far Northern California
Etna Brewery
Fall River Brewing Company
Mendocino Brewing Company
Mt. Shasta Brewing Company
Wildcard Brewing Company

Other Resources
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Northern California Brewers Guild

Video factoids
Guy drinking beer is Jason Schroeder of Schroeder Custom Guitars
Song in video is “Drink Up” by Digital Misfitz