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Abra Works With Girls Inc.

Girls Inc.

Inspiring And Empowering Girls

This spring Abra had the pleasure of working with a Northern California affiliate of Girls Inc. on a website redesign. Girls Inc. is an organization spread across the United States and Canada that works to inspire and empower girls in the community by promoting positive ideals such as self-esteem, independence, and leadership. Girls Inc. uses several research based programs that encourage girls to seek their highest potential through avenues such as education and sports, that promote drug and pregnancy prevention, and that help girls build a strong self-image so that they can realize their full potential.

Capturing The Message In The Website

At Abra we believe that design and marketing are extensions of a business intended to embrace, highlight, and grow “the message” of that business. A company or organization can have a great message, fantastic services, or amazing products, but if a website isn’t done right, those things can all can get lost. Abra loves the Girls Inc. message of encouraging girls to shine and be strong, and wanted to capture that with a bright and bold website. We used the color red to represent strong femininity, and filled the site with colorful images of empowered and spirited girls and women. The site also uses large headings and the pages have definitive mission statements. All of these elements working together create a strong and inspiring “feel”, and that’s the same energy that drives Girls Inc. as an organization.

Check out the Girls Inc. Website Redesign.

Getting Involved With Girls Inc.

Not only did Abra feel it was important to capture the message of Girls Inc., we were also genuinely proud to be a part of spreading the word. If you are in the Northern California area, Girls Inc., NSV has several ways you can get involved:

  • Volunteer At An Event
  • Become a Board Member
  • Become a Program Facilitator
  • Bring Girls Inc. to your School or Community Center
  • Become a Sponsor
  • Donate

Learn more about these ways of getting involved at the Girls Inc. website.